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[Sep 2008 -> Mar 2014]

Six amazing year in the metaphysical city of Ferrara. A journey of discoveries, projects and liters of coffee. My background is there, where every projects started: a mix of architecture, graphics, design and communication.

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it in himself.

Galileo Galilei


Architecture Restoration

LCA1 - "Contenuti per un Contenitore"

AWARD 3rd prize

Completed with: Carlo Ricci, Michele Vettorello

LCA stands for Laboratorio di Costruzione Architettonica (Laboratory of Architectural Construction ), the course theme was the project of an hypothetical restoration of the disused cinema in San Giorgio di Pesaro, a beautiful town caressed by the Marche hills. After sweat and tears, our team won the third prize at the student competition.


Exhibition Design

LSF - "Lo stato dell'arte"

A suggestive mid-course exhibition showing the progress of Thesis projects in March 2013 during our last course in University: LSF (Laboratorio di Sintesi Finale - Final Essay Laboratory).


Architecture Museography

Riqualificazione Area Eremitani

Completed with: Carlo Ricci